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The Power of a Brand Blueprint

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The power of a branding blueprint can affect the target audience, the appearance, and the overall feel of online websites or social media presences. Although most people think of a brand as only the logo and symbols of a company or person, in reality, the brand is so much more than words and symbols. The brand sets the tone for the overall communication to viewers, evokes emotion, thus creating a memorable impression for return buyers or devote online followers. Let's review the top essentials for building a sufficient branding blueprint.

Identifying Target Audience for Branding Purposes

To build a brand blueprint, one must first clearly identify a branding purpose. If the brand purpose is unclear, then pen pointing the target audience is a great starting point to clarifying a brand. The target audience can be determined by answering the following demographic questions such as age, gender, location, education, occupation, net worth, and so on. With this information, one can determine the hobby and purchase habits of their target audience. Only, then can strategic branding be communicated to that specified target audience. The purpose for the brand is to tell a story, but to tell this story, one must first understand their target audience.

Prepare + Plan Deadlines

With the brand purpose identified and the the target market clarified, next prepare and plan for brand launch deadlines. With the newfound target market, calendar out time for market research. Although it may be a tedious process, market research can aid in answering the market questions proving vital to the overall brand experience. Lastly, when creating or revising the fun design details of the logo and symbols, be sure to set up and communicate firm deadlines to artists and other collaborators for revisions and finalizations.

Create + Maintain a Brand Style Guide

Brand and design is the key factor as to how the website stands out from the many websites throughout the world wide web. Whether the brand style is created by professional graphic designers, or it is a simple DIY project, establishing a consistent brand involves staying true to the designated brand style guide for every publication of the brand from print products, social media, to web design. Brand and design both have the ability to showcase a unique style or communication in copywriting and images to collectively tell a cohesive story to visitors, potential clients, and partners.


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