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Online Presence Top 3 Essentials

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

When it comes to communication and marketing any professional career in the twenty-first century, having an online presence has proven to serve as an essential key to success; in light of COVID-19 the necessity of a virtual presence is evermore vital. The traditional strategies of communication and business promotion are long gone, and to be able to be marketable and stay competitive, no matter the field of expertise, the online presence has to be clear in branding and high quality in design. Check out Launch Berry's top three online presence essentials.

1. Personal + Professional Website

A personal or professional website is essential in today's time of click bait and the grab and go mentality. Gone are the days where any working professional can rely on LinkedIn alone to increase their networth, or rely on instagram to enhance their brand awareness as an influencer. Although social media is important for online networking, it can only go as far as just that: networking.

With the constant algorithm changes, it is best to not completely rely on social media to drive a professional or personal online presence. Having one's own website is in comparison to homeownership, it is imperative to have at least one piece of property on the world wide web; a website provides this key foundation for solidifying an online presence.

2. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, TikTok, and the list goes on, are forever changing with expectations for communication and sharing life events. Because of this essential way of communication, establishing an online presence on social media is necessary for building a viable network. The key with social media is to not get overwhelmed by the noise of others, but instead to source out useful information to then utilize it to further the given objective. Also, understanding that not all social media platforms are created equal, therefore strategically using social media with the mindset of quality versus quantity is best.

3. Personal Brand

Whether the online presence is personal or professional, having a consistent and cohesive brand across social media platforms and a landing website is foundational to advancing communications and business opportunities. With the rise of social influencers, YouTubers, Instagram Moguls, or Twitter Critics, the level of expertise within certain industries (again, only certain markets; obviously in the medical industry this trend is not prevalent,) are no longer an area of focus for potential clients or partners.

What is the central focus for most professional and personal networking is the online presence and influence. To accomplish a savvy online presence in addition to social influence, establishing and maintaining a personal brand is important. Whether a person is an employee for a large corporation, or whether a person is a small business owner, to even if a person is a stay home mom, showcasing a consistent personal brand is beneficial when there are so many other distractions online today. A website and social media platform is useless when there is not a cohesive brand. A continuous personal brand builds trust with followers and potential business professionals.


Branding Blueprint

The brand sets the tone for the overall communication to create a memorable impression for return buyers or devote online followers. Let's review the top essentials for building a sufficient branding blueprint. Read More


Founder + Designer

Naia Geni is a freelance web designer and brand developer. Although the design firm was established in 2020, after studying at New York Institute of Art + Design, founder and designer, Naia Geni offers five years of experience within the industry of brand and graphic design.


About Launch Berry

Here at Launch Berry, our team provides branding and web design for your business or event. We pride ourselves on prioritizing small businesses and local brands, and when it comes to events, our team specializes in coordination and client experience.

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