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Copywriting + Brand Voice

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Website content is the core of any website foundation. Website content can consist of creative or promotional writing, images, digital or downloadable documentation, product or service descriptions, communication forums, and links leading to more information or resources. Copywriting means to write in purpose of advertising a product or service. Similar to persuasion styled writing, this style of writing is usually unique to a specific target audience and therefore projects its own brand voice. Copywriting can also be referred to as "sales copy" or simply "copy". Content and copywriting provides the purpose for the website's existence and communicates and provides its' visitors with resources.

Strategize Niche Content

Strategizing niche content is important when building a brand voice. Niche content is a priority because communicating to "everyone" can be frustrating and exhausting. When communicating to "everyone", the necessity to accomodate "everyone's" diverse and complex needs can prove futile. The best strategy is to only provide to a certain group of people, this way accommodating those individual needs can be simple and achievable.

Produce Quality Content

Producing quality content such as photos, videos, and other media sources are important for building trust with online viewers. Quality content translates to viewers that the online presence cares about their opinions and overall user experience, thus creating return visitors.

Utilize Keywords + SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is no longer enough to just create and publish quality content within the visual perspective. In order to compete in today's world wide web, content must also include keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. The keywords act as guiding pathways to navigate and drive new and returning viewers. Without keywords or SEO, most websites or social media presences will go unnoticed in the large crowd of digital producers and consumers. Lastly, once the niche and brand voice has been established, ensuring every piece of content is of the utmost quality, only then can effective keywords throughout the platform be researched and emphasized.


Top 3 Website Essentials

Twenty years ago, a person had to actively invest in a professional web developer to create a website. Although the accessibility to create a website is more available, in addition to the decrease in cost, in order for a website to be successful in today's online noise, there are three website essentials.

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Founder + Designer

Naia Geni is a freelance web designer and brand developer. Although the design firm was established in 2020, after studying at New York Institute of Art + Design, founder and designer, Naia Geni offers five years of experience within the industry of brand and graphic design.


About Launch Berry

Here at Launch Berry, our team provides branding and web design for your business or event. We pride ourselves on prioritizing small businesses and local brands, and when it comes to events, our team specializes in coordination and client experience.

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