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Here at Launch Berry, we provide branding and

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Our team of designers take a creative, intuitive, and articulate approach to client projects. Although colors, fonts, layouts and images provide expressive personality to a website, our focus is user friendly designs to ensure optimal brand experience.

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With ever evolving digital media trends, businesses and events must have a competitive edge to reach their target market. Whether you're creating loyal customers or inviting family and friends, communicating a strong brand is essential. 

Events + Branding Blueprint

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Custom Wedding Website


Maximize your event with a brand blueprint

We had many out of town guests for our wedding, so communication was a priority for us. Our website featured updated wedding details  to funny and interactive quizzes. I enjoyed our website so much, after the wedding, Launch Berry actively worked with us to  transition our website into a now lifestyle blog for family and friends!


  - Aisha Thompson (Denver, CO)

Online Community + Website Maintenance

Client Website 

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Launch Berry understood our vision and objectives. Naia was able to turn our content into an attractive, fresh, online expression of how we wanted our community to be presented. The website informs residents and is functional. We feel it is something we can work with now that the structure has been built.


- H. Hardin, Board of Directors, Conservatory (Aurora, CO)

Increase your outreach and productivity

Naia has worked very hard to help us design our new community website. She brings a lot of fresh ideas so that we can offer a more contemporary website to appeal more to our younger residents.


- Sharon F. Social Chair, Conservatory at the Plains HOA (Aurora, CO)

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Launch Berry Website

 Business + E-commerce


Client Website 

Launch Berry Website

Rebrand and rediscover your target market

By the time we decided to invest in a branding firm such as Launch Berry, our business was already declining. Naia was able to take our current website and completely change our brand from an average struggling restaurant to a family cornerstone within our neighborhood. Well worth it!


     - Beau Austin, Restaurant Owner, Boulder, CO

Design Inspiration

Our Design Inspiration

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Here at Launch Berry, our team provides branding and web design for your business or event. We pride ourselves on prioritizing small businesses and local brands.


As the founder, Naia Geni is a freelance web designer and brand developer. Although the design firm was established in 2020, studying at the New York Institute of Art and Design, 

Naia Geni has five years of experience within the industries of event and graphic design. When Naia is not designing for clients, she is photographing Colorado landscapes and cooking tasty dishes for family and friends!



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Our methodology is collaborative, holistic, and highly rigorous with multiple data sources yet streamlined so decisions are made with certainty and your time is used efficiently.

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